Our products are the fruit of more than 30 years of innovation and research in the processing and use of fresh purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras.


Zooallium® products are processed at low temperatures, without any form of heat treatment or extraction processes. It’s a natural synergistic combination based on fresh purple garlic.

The concentration of the functional compounds depends on: the variety of the plant, the place where it is grown, how it is cultivated and the conditions under which it is processed, preserved and extracted.


Its effectiveness against intestinal infections and parasites, allied to its use as a prebiotic, increases the efficiency and bioavailability of the animals’ feed. Livestock benefit from increased intestinal development, improved assimilation of nutrients and minerals, higher conversion rates and increased daily weight gain.


Faster development, reduced mortality during the first weeks of life, greater uniformity and a longer productive lifespan for livestock are among the foundations that underpin the profitability of any farming operation.
Not only do our products provide an additional tool to help the development of replacements for antibiotics: they also improve the profitability of farming operations.

Zooallium® specializes in animal nutrition. Our years of experience in the preparation of supplements and feed made from fresh purple garlic enable us to bring all of the benefits of this unique plant to your livestock, resulting in significant improvements to the health and growth of your animals

J.R Suárez Monedero S.L.
J.R Suárez Monedero S.L.
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